so long fredericton, hello moncton

Dolan’s Pub in Fredericton was an experience. The patio was full and the room was almost empty, but as we played everyone came in from the patio to see what the hullaballoo was all about. By the time we got to the singalong section of “in your defence” the crowd was full and pumped and we got another awesome crowd participation experience. The east coast loves to sing along! The next day was technically a day off, but we had a radio interview/performance at CHMA (campus radio for Mount Allison) in Sackville, NB and we needed to do laundry. We also decided to hold an impromptu picnic by a duck pond and we attracted some fine feathered attention. Afterward we headed to Shediac for camping and seafood by the ocean, as well as some much needed ten-pin bowling. The dark horse was John Law, who pwned (for you l33t lovers) all of us, coming from behind to snag the cup. The night ended as it usually does: with all of us crammed in a tent playing cards and arguing philosophy in as drunken a manner as possible.


I was up early the next day for a cold shower (who knew campground showers required money to give you hot water?) and we took the scenic way to Moncton, stopping at Shediac’s famous Enormous Lobster Sculpture. We got to Plan B — one of the greatest venues in the history of live music — and promptly packed ourselves into the upstairs band room for a long nap. We would need our energy to compete with The Haunted Hearts! We were opening for them that night. After a grocery run and a dinner by chef Shawn Jurek (our resident gourmand) we headed down to set up. We were slightly worried because at 10:45PM the bar was almost empty and we were set to play at 11PM. We shouldn’t have worried. At 10:50PM about twenty people strolled in and the crowd grew from there. We played to a crowd of dancing drunken people — some of them having birthday parties — and it was a great time. We stuck around to watch The Haunted Hearts and were amazed by their keyboard players ability to full-on rock a ripping solo.


The next morning we were up unfortunately early to head to St.Stephen’s to play an afternoon show at Freedom Fest on the Farm. Alex Dodd got high on Benadryl to fight his allergies and we pulled into the festival looking on with awe at the tent city that had sprung up in a farmer’s field. After a few technical shufflings we managed to set up on the Barn Stage and played for a growing crowd of happy dancing folks who loved to interact with us on-stage. It was hilarious fun to yell things back and forth with the crowd; a very informal atmosphere that had us all smiling and the crowd was into it as well. The singalong was another raucous and highly enjoyable time. We left to eat more seafood by the ocean, this time overlooking the Bay of Fundy, and then back to Plan B for our second night of fun with The Haunted Hearts. Will tonight’s singalong be even better? Time will tell.

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