in city & country (2018)

1. two of a kind
2. back to the hard times
3. don’t wait
4. i moved on
5. come round again
6. city & country
7. now’s the time
8. all alone
9. living without a sound
10. it gets a little lonely

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made us strangers (2015)

winner of a cfma for new/emerging artist of the year

1. palindrome
2. singer-songwriter
3. always make the mistake
4. hear your voice
5. brothers in the garage
6. for the record
7. come back to me
8. when you once were wild
9. what lies ahead
10. couldn’t be any worse
11. name your price
12. who can say

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in the year you were born (2012)

1. i was a young man’s son
2. in your defence
3. standing still
4. small-town hymns
5. make the same mistakes
6. it takes all kinds
7. left behind
8. you’re on your own
9. the way it was
10. for what it’s worth
11. long long long
12. waste of time

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live at dublin st. church (2011)

1. what kind of man
2. we never get the heart we want
3. older bros. never listen
4. alyson, everything i know is wrong
5. tell me what you’ve done
6. scarecrow
7. exception to the rule
8. amelia, i’ve seen other girls
9. for the record
10. left behind
11. love, i will find you
12. long long long

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a small town eulogy (2011)

1. it takes all kinds
2. exception to the rule
3. left behind
4. take your time

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