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We traveled back to Montreal recently to complete the final mix session for our new album — “in city & country”. We’ve been working at the Hotel2Tango studio with producer Howard Bilerman and it has been an exciting process although, like every construction project in history, it has taken longer than we thought. Hopefully the extra effort has been worth it! We’re looking forward to releasing the album this coming spring and playing shows around the countryside, some of which will be full-band shows! Plans are in the works.

Songs for this new album were almost all written about specific small towns in Ontario. Why small towns in Ontario? Well, we’re both from small towns in Ontario (I’m from Verona — a very small town! Laura’s from Peterborough) and we love the history and stories you find in small towns. We chose Ontario towns only because we happen to live in Ontario and it was easiest to travel to those towns to do the necessary research. In the coming months we will share some of the stories behind the songs here — in fact, here’s the story behind the song “Come Round Again”. It’s a new sing-along kinda song and we have had the good fortune to have audiences who are always willing to join us in our sing-alongs. Hope you find the story behind the song interesting as well…it could only happen in a small town!

Come Round Again

I read this “Bonne & Clyde”-style story about a couple who went on a crime spree. Their ill-gotten gains included a floor safe from PetSmart, several spools of copper wire, a purse stolen from a realtor, another purse stolen from a dentist’s office, and a wallet that was stolen from a medical centre. It struck me as the most small-town crime spree I’d ever heard, and I wrote a few songs around the idea of these two characters and their hopes and dreams. This particular song finds the characters after one has fled the country and the other is now getting out of prison having taken the fall. Will they find love again? Will it all go right, this time? Will love come round again???

Also, in looking at the songs on the new album, I went back and looked at all the songs we’ve released so far…and that made me think to make a Spotify playlist of our tunes. Here it is! If you like sad songs by happy people, then dive into this:

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