the story behind: “two of a kind”

As you drive into Goderich, Ontario there is a sign, as is true for many towns and cities, that tells you not only the name of the town but also what it’s known for. Goderich’s distinction is to be “Canada’s Prettiest Small Town”. A bold claim, but it could be true. It was given that distinction by the Queen(!), although searching historical records I couldn’t find any sign that the Queen had actually been to Goderich. A Dutch princess may have visited. I’d say that’s still pretty damn good. In 2011 Goderich weathered a tornado — a pretty rare weather…    read more.

PopMatters Premieres “Back To The Hard Times” Official Video

Our first ever official video for our latest single “Back To The Hard Times” premiered on PopMatters this week, and they said some pretty wonderful things about it! “Reminiscent of Canadian heavyweights such as k.d. lang, Cowboy Junkies, the Sadies and, in a way, Bruce Cockburn, the Young Novelists are informed with a cool authenticity that many of their U.S. counterparts can only dream of…” – PopMatters A huge thanks to our friends at Brought To You By who took our crazy idea and ran with it to create this gorgeous video. And ‘Back to the Hard Times’ is available to stream or download HERE,…    read more.

the story behind: “back to the hard times”

Crystal Beach, on Abino Bay, used to be home to a 37-acre resort/amusement park. It started as a religious campground in 1888, by the 1940s you could see the Glen Miller Orchestra play in the Crystal Ballroom. There were multiple roller coasters (The Cyclone! The Comet!) on the site. It closed in 1989 and demolition erased all traces of its existence, except for a break wall and pier. This sort of thing happens in lots of small towns – an industry is built up and torn down. I lived in the nearby town of Ridgeway briefly, as part of a…    read more.

city & country

the story behind: “city & country”

I have a cousin who, every time I see him, says, “I don’t know how you can live in Toronto.” And I remember when I went to the University of Waterloo, meeting people from Toronto who would sometimes say, “There’s nothing to do here!” And I would wonder what the hell they were talking about, since I found Waterloo to be exceptionally vibrant. The fact of the matter is, both of those types of folks are missing out. I love every big city I’ve been to, and Toronto is no exception. I also love just about every small town I’ve…    read more.

Exclaim! premiere headline

Exclaim! premieres our lyric video for “City & Country”

Our latest single is also the near-title track of our upcoming album: “City & Country” for the album In City & Country. I don’t know why we made it hard on ourselves. But we did make a lyric video for the single featuring images from all the small towns around Ontario that were the inspiration for the songs on the album. Since this song is the lynch-pin that ties the theme together, it seemed to make sense to include all these images here. The fine folks at Exclaim! were kind enough to premiere the video yesterday — thanks, Exclaim! You…    read more.

"Come Round Again" single cover

new single “come round again” available everywhere immediately! that means right now!

Our new album is set for release in May but we wanted to share the first single, a dance-able number about a small-town heist that happened in Halton Hills, Ontario. It’s called “Come Round Again” and you can download it, stream it, share it, and dance to it! You can also stream it right here, right now, if you’re so inclined: The good folks at Atwood Magazine premiered the single, with a lyric video, and wrote some very kind words about us. You can watch the lyric video below!

finishing the new album, listening to some old albums

We traveled back to Montreal recently to complete the final mix session for our new album — “in city & country”. We’ve been working at the Hotel2Tango studio with producer Howard Bilerman and it has been an exciting process although, like every construction project in history, it has taken longer than we thought. Hopefully the extra effort has been worth it! We’re looking forward to releasing the album this coming spring and playing shows around the countryside, some of which will be full-band shows! Plans are in the works. Songs for this new album were almost all written about specific…    read more.

autumn albums from our friends to you + touring plans

I have only recently been dipping my proverbial toe into using Spotify to listen to music. One thing that is truly enjoyable about it is finding all my musician friends on Spotify! A few have released albums lately, so I wanted to make a playlist to highlight their new works and maybe even throw in some older tracks from other albums that are also amazing. Check out the playlist and follow these artists, and keep track because I will be updating it as the year goes on and more albums get released! We’re also working on finishing our album, which…    read more.

some pretty fantastic news and spring shows

April is here, and we have some pretty big news to share!! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with Liz DiSessa at Heart Roots Music for our North American booking!! Heart Roots represents some pretty phenomenal artists and we’re over the moon to be a part of their roster! We’re excited about the opportunity to spend more time on creative endeavors and to tour to places we’ve not yet been. Which brings us to touring… It’s been a relatively quick winter for us. Graydon travelled to Banff last month for an intense two-week songwriter residency at the Banff…    read more.

hibernation & also some touring: winter!

Happy Holidays! Besides the obvious snow fort construction that we hope will rival the Great Pyramid of Giza, winter is kind of wonderful for hunkering down in a studio and creating some new recordings. That is mainly what we are doing this winter, with a few breaks to poke our heads out and play some shows. We are actually kicking the year off with some full-band shows in Ottawa, Tamworth, and our first full-band show in the United States (in Cooperstown NY!) on Saturday January 21st. Wish us luck! We are also planning to head to Kansas City in February…    read more.


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